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I got the inspiration for the title to my blog from my mother. An odd place, yes, but none the less, credit is placed squarely upon her shoulders. Lately, I’ve had so much extra energy that I’ve been jiggling my leg and the other night when I was going to bed my mother said as a parting comment, “Jiggle on.”

Imagine my surprise when I found myself embracing this phrase and rejoicing! I took it to mean so much more than she had intended. I’m sure that her only intentions were to have the last words and that they be slightly amusing. However, the wisdom that I gleaned from these two simple words was so much more than that.

These two words gave me strength and comfort. They told me, “You’re allowed to feel what you feel.” “You’re allowed to do what you need to do in order to cope with all the things that you are feeling right now.”  “I am not judging you.” I think the best of all was the the unspoken, “I accept and love you.”

Pretty amazing that I got all that from two words, right? It seems that I am a master of subtext. (Must be all those acting classes I took when I went to college.) Anyway, I found myself clinging to these two words so strongly because out of that whole day, those were the only kind words she had said to me.

So, even if tomorrow morning, my mother decides that she is annoyed beyond belief by the fact that I can not seem to stop my leg from jiggling, I will continue to cling to those two simple words and what they have come to mean to me.

Someday, I may even say Jiggle On to myself.

I certainly hope that you do!