I know that yesterday’s post was rather depressing. Sorry about that. Today isn’t like that. 🙂

Yesterday I was visited by two angels. We played cards. We talked. We laughed a whole lot and it was so much fun. The best of all? We shared love through smiles and hugs.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing people in my life but you can be darned sure that I’m extremely grateful! I’m going to be on my best behavior to make sure they stay in my life forever!

Thank you for seeing in me something worthy. Thank you for being who you are because who you are is perfectly amazing. If I could give you hugs long enough and often enough to express my love for you guys, I’d never be able to let go. Which, I think, wouldn’t be a bad thing. 😉

Thank you for making my day so much brighter.

With all my love,