Sheridan loved to be in my lap. Now, she was a 37 lbs dog so that was a little difficult, she’s more of a lap-and-a-half dog. She would spend hours just sleeping on my legs, making them fall asleep while I would watch tv or read or do my crafts.

She put up with a lot too to be in my lap. She was in easy kissing range. Every now and then I would just lift her head up and plant one on her furry little cheek. She never had a problem with it. She’d just look at me with those expressive eyes as if to say, “are you done?” and then go back to lying peacefully on my lap.

Then there were the times that she got me! She would climb up on my chair and suddenly there’d be dog tongue all over my face and I couldn’t get away from it! She and I would spend 10-15 minutes fighting over her getting to lick my face. But I couldn’t help laughing. She was just showing how much she loved me by trying to wash my face in her nasty doggie slobber. Good thing I’m a dog lover.

I loved that dog so much. She was the best dog. She had her quirks, but she was the best fit for me. And she loved my lap, for which I’m grateful because I got to spend a lot of good cuddle time with her.

I love you Sheridan.