Gratitude Sunday 11-23-2014


So, today I woke up composing a thank you letter in my head. *beams* I can’t remember the last time that I felt so peaceful or gut deep GOOD when I woke up.

I’m not going to say who I’m grateful for today just in case someone happens to see what I write here and then that person finds out. I think I’m just going to write that letter and send it in the mail.

What I can say is that it’s not going to be hand written but at least it will be hand typed! (I don’t think anyone would want to read my chicken scratch handwriting.)

I feel blessed today because I know this person and because this person is special to me.


p.s. I hope that I can wake up again soon with more thank yous writing themselves in my head! Such a great place to be!


Gratitude Sunday


Hi all! Today is Gratitude Sunday! So here I go:

Today I’m grateful for my mother’s cousin. She is an amazing woman who is strong and kind beyond words. She has helped my mom in many ways and, by extension, me as well.

I hope that, some day, my mom and I can repay her for the kindness that she’s bestowed upon us.

Thank you for being so awesome!


Someone for whom I’m Grateful:



Today I am grateful for my sister. I am grateful that, although the gap in years between us is wide, she has taken the time to know me a little bit. I look up to my sister and learn from her every day, often without her knowledge.
She’s a very special person. She has SO much to give to the world and I’m very glad and proud that she’s trying to do her part.
So, in honor of my sister, I’m using the mug that she gave me to drink my tea today. I marvel at the fact that she knows me well enough to choose a mug that I absolutely adore! She knows me pretty well and I’m so glad that she’s willing to keep trying to know me.

I love you!
p.s. I’m having English Breakfast tea today, in case anyone wants to know. 🙂

Morning Person



I might not have mentioned this before but I’m 100% a morning person! I wake up and I’m bright eyes and ready to face the day!

This particular morning is extremely special to me. This morning when I woke up I did my usual morning stuff (taking care of my beautiful puppy, etc…) and then I checked my Facebook.

My dear friend, who is a sister of my heart, had some wonderful, amazing and awe inspiring news that she shared from her account.

Because of that news, I am flying really high and crying happy tears. I am SO proud of her and happy for her!

She inspires me to be a better, more patient person and to have faith that good things will happen.

Thank you for being the amazing woman that you are! I love you my sister!


p.s. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. 🙂

My Name



As I’m sure y’all know by now, I’m a crafty nerd. That being my typical state, I like to create things. So this time I created a “nameplate” for myself. There are groups that I go to and usually people have little pieces of paper with their names on them, and I just got sick of that for myself because it’s a waste of paper and my creative talent! So I designed my own!


It looks better in person. *shrug*

So now all I have to do is figure out a good way to have it stand up! This I’m sure will just suddenly pop into my head. I really like it when ideas do that.

That’s all for now!


Update on my Inhaler cozy!


Well, it turns out that my inhaler cozy was more and less complicated than I thought it would be. As usual, I thought about it too much which made it more complicated. When I said, “Oh just let it make itself,” it was done rather quickly! I can’t really take credit for the design because I saw a picture of one somewhere on the net. (can’t remember where) I just kind crocheted by the seat of my pants on this one. It came out okay though!


What do you think?


FlyLady and My Life



I was introduced to the idea of FlyLady when I was young. I think I was in my early teens. There were times when I was really gung-ho and accomplished a lot, and there were times when I was just a complete slob.

*looks around my room* It seems I am in a slob phase. (That’s about to change though.)


Whenever I can’t take the clutter anymore, I find myself reaching out to FlyLady. First, because she’s Awesome! Second, because she doesn’t judge. Third, because she allows her Flybabies to be who they are and just “jump in where you are!”

It’s a truly beautiful and validating thing.

She gives you tools to accomplish everything you need to accomplish and the best part is that most of those tools are for your MIND!

I am SO grateful for FlyLady. Thank you for being who you are and for being as caring as you are. It means the world to your Flybabies that you give of yourself and share your wisdom with us.

~Flybaby Kate

p.s. Here’s a link to her site:

Twilit Morning


A golden red haze

Rests gently upon

This early twilit morning

Gilding leaves and trees with

A glow of nature’s magic.

You can feel the power

In the air, each molecule

Touched and changed.

Expect good things.

Expect miracles.

Only with expectation

Can the magic be

Brought into you.

Embrace it and

Share it where you can.

Jiggle On and On and On


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I got the inspiration for the title to my blog from my mother. An odd place, yes, but none the less, credit is placed squarely upon her shoulders. Lately, I’ve had so much extra energy that I’ve been jiggling my leg and the other night when I was going to bed my mother said as a parting comment, “Jiggle on.”

Imagine my surprise when I found myself embracing this phrase and rejoicing! I took it to mean so much more than she had intended. I’m sure that her only intentions were to have the last words and that they be slightly amusing. However, the wisdom that I gleaned from these two simple words was so much more than that.

These two words gave me strength and comfort. They told me, “You’re allowed to feel what you feel.” “You’re allowed to do what you need to do in order to cope with all the things that you are feeling right now.”  “I am not judging you.” I think the best of all was the the unspoken, “I accept and love you.”

Pretty amazing that I got all that from two words, right? It seems that I am a master of subtext. (Must be all those acting classes I took when I went to college.) Anyway, I found myself clinging to these two words so strongly because out of that whole day, those were the only kind words she had said to me.

So, even if tomorrow morning, my mother decides that she is annoyed beyond belief by the fact that I can not seem to stop my leg from jiggling, I will continue to cling to those two simple words and what they have come to mean to me.

Someday, I may even say Jiggle On to myself.

I certainly hope that you do!


One Woman’s War (with herself, everyone and everything else)


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I can’t promise big insights and perfect posts. Nor can I promise new and interesting topics everyday. This is not a political blog or religious blog and although I do have a few very specific views of things (which I probably will talk about) I won’t go too deep into the political aspect of it. As for religion, I’m pretty much a pro-believe whatever higher power/ spirituality/ religion makes you feel good and right and doesn’t hurt others. I know that I have my own soap boxes, but we’ll get into that in the future, no point shoving readers away in the very first post.

Pretty much my aim for this blog is that I can help myself to grow, and find a way to get out of where I am. I have way too many things going on right now that I don’t know how to deal with on my own. I’m not sure how many people would be able to handle it on their own. So, I’m reaching out for as much help as I can find. One such avenue is turning to writing. I love to write. Granted my grammar is pretty horrible. I’m sure that there are going to be grammar police among my readers and I’m totally okay with that if you would please comment on grammar mistakes I would be happy to learn from you! Just please don’t write me a ticket, I can’t afford a fine right now. 😉

Another aspect of this blog is that hopefully some of the people who choose to read this blog will be people that I actually know. Yes, that’s usually kind of taboo in the world of writing, but I want them to read this because I’m usually better able to explain things in text after serious thinking than I am through speaking after only a few seconds. I know that my own family has a hard time dealing with this trait of mine. I often have a hard time with it myself. I often can’t get my point across because I’m not given adequate time to consider all aspects of the situation. But here I can! So, I shall! Here I will go into as much detail as I can in order to express and explain things to people so that they can fully understand complex ideas that run through strange people’s minds. Maybe then it’ll be easier for my family to understand me. I really hope so.

Well, that’s all for today so thanks and I hope to share more thoughts with you soon!